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Tao Calligraphy


Tao Calligraphy creates a powerful vibrational field that carries the positive messages of Tao Source.

In this unique vibrational field, we can transform negative information and energy in our own vibrational field by absorbing the positive information and energy of the Tao Calligraphy.

MEET Cecilia Liu

Cecilia is a Certified Tao Master Teacher of Tao Calligraphy, and has served on the executive teams of Fortune 100 companies in the US, Germany, and China.

Due to her unique and extensive expertise in both the business world and Tao Calligraphy writing, she is a powerhouse when it comes to opening the hearts of others to greater healing and transformative partnerships.


Cecilia Liu speaks about the power of Tao Calligraphy and its revolutionary transformative art. 

Where can Tao Calligraphy be applied?

Health Care

Tao Calligraphy can help you to manage stress better and so you respond less emotionally. With that you can be more productive, make better decisions, and help improve your interpersonal relationships.


Experience a state of inner calmness along with a deepening of the ability to cope with demanding business situations & challenges of today´s markets.


Teenagers now live in a fast-paced, hyperconnected world, with demands to learn and develop in a social and school environment of bullying, suicides, drugs, and violence. Eating disorders, drugs and alcohol abuse, and high rates of depression and anxiety are common in these environments. 

Meet Cecilia Liu

Meet Cecilia to find out how she can help you to acomplish your tasks or transform unpleasant situations in your area.

The Secret to Tao Calligraphy

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Tao Calligraphy creates a powerful vibrational field that carries the highest positive messages, where we can transform negative information and energy in our own vibrational field. This can result in positive changes in all aspects of our lives, like health issues, negative emotions, like fear, depression, anxiety and so much more.

For You

Tao Calligraphy clears your mind. So you can experience a calmer, more peaceful state of mind. Learn how you can be able to enjoy life again.

What Tao Calligraphy can do?

Regular practice with Tao Calligraphy helps you to manage stress better. Instead of reacting to stressful events, your self-awareness allows you to respond less emotionally. To deal better with stress can  make you more productive, help you make better decisions, and help improve your interpersonal relationships.

Reduce stress

Doctors and nurses in hospitals use Tao Calligraphy to calm down during their stressful moments. The high frequency and vibration of Tao Calligraphy brings inner peace and calmness of the daily life.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety undermines the ability to function optimally at work, school, and in social situations. Worries and fears prevents you from paying attention to what is before you, lowers your self-confidence, and causes unnecessary obstacles that prevent you from achieving and living fully. With Tao Calligraphy you can let go and move on more freely to discover the many opportunities in life.

Build Confidence

Tao Calligraphy could reduce anxiety and help build confidence, overcome fear and correct negative self-beliefs at  an early stage in schools. This can help transform young people make better decisions for their life and otherwise would miss.

What People Say

Susan Lindsey

School Teacher

As a graduate teacher we bring more love to balance the children. 

Don Martin


As a business leader Tao Calligraphy helps me to make better decisions.

Gaby Williams


The program helps me to have a calm mind and reduce stress.

How Tao Calligraphy increased my business revenue

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Tao Calligraphy is a powerful art form that supports a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Yesterday I had a severe migraine (beyond a 10). Very nauseous, my head felt heavy, and I couldn’t focus. After 15 minutes in the Tao Calligraphy Field I felt so much better. My pain was at about a 2! After another ½ hour my migraine had gone away. J.B. SAN FRANCISCO – June 12, 2020
Sandra F.
I had a severe accident. My wrist bone was broken and my face was deep blue with bruises. After one week in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field for 1 hour per day, my pain was released, my face was almost normal again, and my wrist was healed. M.K. NETHERLANDS – Nov. 22, 2020
Michelle V.
On day 7 of the continuous pain [impacted wisdom tooth] I received a Tao Light Transmission. The 7 to 10 level pain vanished instantly – zero pain – and has not returned in the 7 months since. M.A. AUSTRALIA – May 24, 2020
Maria A.
Many things shifted quickly after this Tao Calligraphy Blessing. I received a new job, doubled income, a car and petrol card, had a loan paid off and a long-term relationship challenge resolved. My energy improved and I felt happier. L.L. AUSTRALIA – April 28, 2020
Vicky J.


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